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Rajesh H. Al-Marri & Sons Co.

Khursaniyah Oil Field & Gas Expansion Project

Client's Company Name : Saudi Aramco

Date Awarded : November 2005

Scope of Works:

The scope includes the construction of gas injection and supply oil system, water injection system, water supply system and utilities system. This also involves the construction of various sizes of pipelines from 2‖ dia. to 36‖ dia. for an approx. length of 450-KM. The work spans up to the construction of drill sites, fabrication of spools, headers, flow lines with positive seal coupling, internal/external coating of small diameter of pipelines, girth weld, fittings, shop fabrication consisting of spool fabrication, well head platforms, crossover platforms, pipe racks, guard rails, etc. with an approx. quantity of 10,000 tons of structural steels.


Client's Company Name : Saudi Aramco

Date Awarded : : April 2007

Scope of Works:

Pipe Line Rehabilitation Phase V calls for the upgrading of the existing SJ-1 (46”/48”), QJ-2 (46”/48”) & QJ3 (48”) Pipelines by replacing and rehabilitating the corroded sections of pipelines run from Qatif Junction (QJ) to Ju’aymah Tank Farm (JTK) and the SJ-1 line from Safaniyah to Juaymah Tank Farm (JTF) to ensure the safer and more reliable operations of these pipelines and other related facilities. The project also requires to decrude the existing pipelines, nitrogen purging, removal of existing pipelines by cold-cutting and re-installation of new pipelines in the same routes, removal of GOVs and MOVs with new ones and re-commissioning them, modification of various jump-overs in and out of plants, construction of drain ponds with oil drain ponds.
The scope also requires the replacement of 334 sections with an approximate length of 77.69 km, including 12” Drain Line Header, 7 Isolation Valve Replacement, 9 Thrust Boring locations and 9 Open Cut Asphalt Roads.


Client's Company Name : Saudi Aramco

Date Awarded : : September 2005

Scope of Works:

The scope includes the installation of oil and water injection wellhead pipes, flow lines and trunk lines at various Saudi Aramco operational areas, including Shaybah and Hawatah fields. The approx. quantity of pipeline work is estimated around 500KM for pipeline size ranging from 8” to 36”.