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Procurement Procedure 

Rajeh Al Marri & Sons Company

Worldwide Procedure

After preliminary engineering, equipment and materials that will be required to be imported from worldwide manufacturers and vendors, will be carefully studied and listed, noting the best sources, from various countries and its suitability for the project. The preliminary inquiries will be sent to different manufacturers incorporating the preliminary design data and specifications. Receiving the preliminary feedback from the vendor, the different source of the equipment/material will be analysed for its best suitability, and the manufacturers will be handled by our Procurement Department and RHM 's agency stationed in Europe and United States of America , Japan , In-Kingdom Markets and other locations. Once the design engineering is fully developed for various component of project, detailed design of the particular equipment/material will be prepared with specification, data sheets, drawings and other relevant details required. The same will be sent to short listed manufacturers for providing the price and other conditions, delivery time etc. These whole process of inquiring and inviting the manufacturers to submit the quotation, will be undertaken only after the preliminary and pre-final approval of Saudi Aramco. To carry the process of inquiring, getting the preliminary offer and getting the details will be done by our Central Procurement Office. These processes include visiting a particular Vendor/Manufacturers Factory and satisfy before proposing and providing details to the design group for final incorporation in the design package

RHM Construction Division plans to procure the materials and products from Kingdom of Saudi Saudi Arabia/out of Kingdom Vendors whose products comply with the contract specifications and standards and are Saudi Aramco approved Vendor/Manufacturer.


RHM Procurement Group, under the direction of the Procurement Manager takes responsibility for purchasing materials, equipment, services for expediting, shop inspection (Supplier Quality Surveillance) and for transportation of materials and equipment from the points of manufacture to the jobsite. The dedicated Procurement Group forms part of the Project Task Team

Procurement Work Flow

Purchasing personnel prepare bid lists in accordance with the contract documents and in conjunction with the engineering department. They solicit bids, technically evaluate the bid with the engineering department, perform commercial evaluations, and make recommendations for purchase. Following approval, they award and administer purchase orders. After award, expediters track progress of the order and expedite vendor drawings and documentation. Supplier Quality Representatives ensure that inspections are conducted and quality is achieved in accordance with project requirements before the product is released for shipment. A Traffic Administrator directs the movement of goods from the point of origin to the jobsite.